A-Gan 10k … Hahah! (33:48 for 8.715k)

My goal for this race was to go under 40. As you can see I achieved it by a mile … but the course was more than a k short!!!

After starting a little too fast and then pulling back a little, I got to the turn in just over 18 and my watch hadn’t hit 5k yet. Shortly after James, a running buddy, caught up to me and we ran together until the end. We were going along nicely when I saw a lot of people standing in the road. Then I heard James starting to kick just behind me so I also gave a little burst (managed to hold him off … just!) and then the race was finished.

They had obviously moved the finish forward because they hadn’t made the necessary traffic arrangements with the police so Zhongshan Rd. was open to traffic again. Although it was a nice race with perfect weather, I’m disappointed with the organisation as I still can’t claim a sub-40 10k. I know it’s just a number … but still.

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5th Half: Sanchong Half Marathon (1:27:51)

I broke my PR today at the Sanchong half by about 3.5 minutes. It was a beautiful run in the (very early) morning on a bike path next to the Danshui River.

I started out too fast but settled into a nice rhythm after about 10 minutes. I got to 10k in around 42 and was pretty broken by the time I reached the finish.

My time (1:27) was good enough for 12th overall and 1st in my age group. Next up is a 10k in 2 weeks, a 9k the week after and possibly a 14.6k at the end of May. Now I just need rest…

2nd 10k: Taipei Express 10k (40:21)

I ran the Taipei freeway 10k this morning. My goal was to go sub-40 and my previous (and only other 10k) was 40.44. After having a cold/cough all week, I was not sure if I could make it but decided to go for it anyway.

The course was almost perfectly flat and I started right in the front. I went out to fast for the first 2k and managed to stay around the 4 min/k range from 2k to 5k until the turn. My time at the turn was 19.31 and I was feeling good … but coming back I had to contend with a howling gale in my face (maybe not a gale but it was really blowing!)

No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get my splits under 4 min/k for the rest of the race. Although I didn’t get a time that I know is in me, I still think it’s ok due to the conditions.

I finished in 40.21, only just better than before and not my goal. 24th overall and 3rd in my age category, which is a testament to the wind considering my time. Next race is a half in three weeks and then a 10k two weeks later.