2nd 10k: Taipei Express 10k (40:21)

I ran the Taipei freeway 10k this morning. My goal was to go sub-40 and my previous (and only other 10k) was 40.44. After having a cold/cough all week, I was not sure if I could make it but decided to go for it anyway.

The course was almost perfectly flat and I started right in the front. I went out to fast for the first 2k and managed to stay around the 4 min/k range from 2k to 5k until the turn. My time at the turn was 19.31 and I was feeling good … but coming back I had to contend with a howling gale in my face (maybe not a gale but it was really blowing!)

No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get my splits under 4 min/k for the rest of the race. Although I didn’t get a time that I know is in me, I still think it’s ok due to the conditions.

I finished in 40.21, only just better than before and not my goal. 24th overall and 3rd in my age category, which is a testament to the wind considering my time. Next race is a half in three weeks and then a 10k two weeks later.


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