Victory in a Local 5k! (18:54 for 5.064k)

This was a small 5k along the riverside pathway that I ran last Saturday and actually my first ever 5k – there are very few of them around here. The race was also free! all you had to do was register online and pitch up on time … no numbers or prizes.

The field was pretty small with about 1000 runners or a little less and mostly just recreational joggers. My time was good enough to win … obviously all the serious runners stayed home due to the lack of prize money!

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2011.5.15 A-Gan 9k (8.36k in 32:07)

I won a New Balance Jacket worth over NT2000$...

I had a good race this morning. Apart from the fact the course was short (again … they did the same last year!) and it was raining pretty hard, there was a good atmosphere. The event was for the visually impaired but most of the runners could see fine of course!

I managed to keep my pace under 4 min/k all the way averaging 3:50/k, which is my fastest ave. pace in a race so far. My time was good enough for 20th overall and 2nd in my age group.

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2011.5.1: Supau Cup 9k (35:05)

I ran the Supau Cup for the second year. My time was about a minute faster than last year and pace also pretty decent at 3:53/k which was good enough for 16th in my age group.

In the pic is Draagan from Yugoslavia. He’s been living in Taiwan for 11 years and is a good runner.. beat me by 2 minutes!

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