Ele[hant Mountain ezFun Trail Race


This was a really tough race on the trails of Elephant Mountain in Taipei. It was a combination of some roads, lots of old worn stone steps and some steep and overgrown trails.

I was leading for about the first 3k and managed 2nd overall. This race was organised by ezfun and I’ll definitely do one of their races again.

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Danshui Cherry Blossoms Race (2/24/2013)

s600_0eb19a74-ca8c-4334-b6e8-cc4a58d4467fDon’t remember the time.. pace was right around 4m/k – a bit slow due to the wind and hilly course. 10th overall and 3rd in my AG.

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17th Half: Yangmingshan Trail Race (30/12/2012 – 1:38)

DSC_7518This race was basically one big hill – 10k up and10 down – which resulted in a huge negative split. It was only a small field of about 300 runners and I managed 13th overall and 2nd in my age group.

Happy new year!

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5th Full: Mongia Marathon (2/12/2012 – 3:25)


It was raining the whole time, often fairly heavily. I was a bit fast over the first 3k and after that settled nicely into my race pace. It soon became clear though that it wasn’t going to be my day.

So a bit of a disappointing way to end the season, especially considering that after 5 marathons, my first was still the fastest. The highlight of the morning.. a hot shower at the finish and free draft beer!

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16th Half: Maokong Half (28/10/2012)

IMG_0749This is a tough yet beautiful race through the hills of Maokong, past tea plantations, the cable car, and with great views of 101 and the city.

I forgot to stop my watch so don’t know my exact time but I managed 16th overall from a strong field of a few thousand runners.

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