Ele[hant Mountain ezFun Trail Race


This was a really tough race on the trails of Elephant Mountain in Taipei. It was a combination of some roads, lots of old worn stone steps and some steep and overgrown trails.

I was leading for about the first 3k and managed 2nd overall. This race was organised by ezfun and I’ll definitely do one of their races again.

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Danshui Cherry Blossoms Race (2/24/2013)

s600_0eb19a74-ca8c-4334-b6e8-cc4a58d4467fDon’t remember the time.. pace was right around 4m/k – a bit slow due to the wind and hilly course. 10th overall and 3rd in my AG.

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17th Half: Yangmingshan Trail Race (30/12/2012 – 1:38)

DSC_7518This race was basically one big hill – 10k up and10 down – which resulted in a huge negative split. It was only a small field of about 300 runners and I managed 13th overall and 2nd in my age group.

Happy new year!

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5th Full: Mongia Marathon (2/12/2012 – 3:25)


It was raining the whole time, often fairly heavily. I was a bit fast over the first 3k and after that settled nicely into my race pace. It soon became clear though that it wasn’t going to be my day.

So a bit of a disappointing way to end the season, especially considering that after 5 marathons, my first was still the fastest. The highlight of the morning.. a hot shower at the finish and free draft beer!

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16th Half: Maokong Half (28/10/2012)

IMG_0749This is a tough yet beautiful race through the hills of Maokong, past tea plantations, the cable car, and with great views of 101 and the city.

I forgot to stop my watch so don’t know my exact time but I managed 16th overall from a strong field of a few thousand runners.

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1st 50k: National Day Power Flex 50k (2012.10.10 – 4:08:56)

This was my first baby step into the world of ultrarunning and also my first race like this on a track – 125 laps!

I think I had quite a good race although I didn’t reach the loose target I set myself of sub 4 hours. I was on track for most of the race but couldn’t maintain the pace the last 10k. However, I still managed to finish in 4:08 with most of the wheels still on, and no cramps or blisters.

The whole experience of running so many laps was actually not as bad as I’d expected. The surface was a blue mat-type material which felt good and the announcers and music weren’t too loud to be intrusive – I was definitely able to get into my “zone”.

There were 259 runners split into 2 groups with the faster guys running in the first 3 lanes. I managed 15th overall and 4th in my age group with a pace of 4:56/k.

Happy national day, Taiwan!

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Luzhou ChenLu Bridge 12k

This was my second race for the weekend and possibly my favorite race of the year so far. The start was very near to my house at my regular morning workout route, and was all along the riverside.

The registration was only 100NTD (about 3USD) yet the organization side went like clockwork – a race organized by runners! It included a small towel, lunchbox and bottle of water for all the finishers too. The age group winners got trophies and the awards were given out within 30 minutes of the race finishing.

I came in 13th overall and 6th in my age group. Not sure how many runners but probably 2-3k.

(pic. with Remy, another running mate living in Taipei)

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