2nd Full: Sanchong Marathon (3:45)

I even got a nice shiny cup!

I really struggled with this race. This was my second full and almost half an hour slower than the first. Don’t wanna start trying to make any excuses, but I think I’ve got some rethinking to do with my training, planning, etc.

Chalk it down to a “character building” experience! 🙂

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1st Full: Danshui Marathon (3:17:51)

I ran the Danshui Marathon in Taipei this morning.. my first! OMG.. rainy, windy and freezing cold – brutal! I averaged under 4:30/k for about the first 15~20k and did my first k just over 5:00/k after 30k. I managed to keep it just over or under 5:00 from then and picked it up in the last 3k when my mate joined me.. thanks Mike! (I left him behind after 2k though)

I’ve just been chilling for the rest of the day but the legs are already hurting pretty bad and I’m sure will be worse tomorrow. Recovery all through the Chinese New Year holiday and then maybe back to some very easy running next week.

Happy New Year!

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7th Half: Taipei Expressway Marathon (1:32)

Although this was my slowest time for a half in about 1.5 years, I still really enjoyed the race. The sun was just coming up as we started running at 6a.m. and it was nice weather too.

I was training last week and have a marathon on April 10 so no biggie about the time. Would definitely recommend this race to anyone considering running it next year.

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