1st 50k: National Day Power Flex 50k (2012.10.10 – 4:08:56)

This was my first baby step into the world of ultrarunning and also my first race like this on a track – 125 laps!

I think I had quite a good race although I didn’t reach the loose target I set myself of sub 4 hours. I was on track for most of the race but couldn’t maintain the pace the last 10k. However, I still managed to finish in 4:08 with most of the wheels still on, and no cramps or blisters.

The whole experience of running so many laps was actually not as bad as I’d expected. The surface was a blue mat-type material which felt good and the announcers and music weren’t too loud to be intrusive – I was definitely able to get into my “zone”.

There were 259 runners split into 2 groups with the faster guys running in the first 3 lanes. I managed 15th overall and 4th in my age group with a pace of 4:56/k.

Happy national day, Taiwan!

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