15th Half: Phiten 21k (2012.9.28 20.18k @ 4:03)

The course was almost 1k short but my time translates to a 1:25.. a PR of over 2 minutes!

The weather was almost perfect this morning – cool and overcast with a light drizzle – but the race was poorly organized. I was about 12th overall and don’t even know my age group placing as I had to leave early.

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Ahgan Cup Race (8.32k @ 3:50/k)

Finally some good running weather in Taipei! It’s been raining the past few days and it was still cloudy and cool this morning. The race started at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall and was an out and back loop down Guang Fu Rd. I managed 22nd overall and 7th in my age group. I was also involved in a nice dash for the finish which was fun.. reminded me of my sprinting days in school.

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Columbia City Run (9k in 34:17 … 3:48/k!)

A nice run this down Renai Rd. from City Hall. This was my fastest pace for a race of around 10k, but I just wish they would have more races in Taipei that were actually 10k. I came in 18th overall of about 10000 runners, but actually they were mostly walkers and joggers!

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4th Full: Beitou 7-Hour Ultra Marathon (DNF after 4:30)

This course was just one big hill! About 1.8k down and then up again… over 5.4% ave. incline! To make matters worse, it was blistering hot from about the second hour.

I was running with George, a student from Gambia and he said that he was just going to do 12 laps – a marathon and the requirement for finishing and getting a certificate. At the time, I was still intending on continuing. But when I finished lap 12 with George, the officials at the top said, “Well done! You’re finished!” I was like… “Huh.. isn’t this a 7-hour race?”. They said that once you’d finished the marathon you were done but could continue “if you want to”.

That was it for me! It got my food pack and stripped down for a shower. A well-organised race but definitely tough. It’s been good endurance training working up to this and I think I want to do it again next year to see if I can run further.

Now I’ve got speed training coming up to prepare for some shorter races in September.

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Daan Park Ultra – 7/28/2012 (45k in 4:45)

Longest run ever! First 30k at 6:12/k and slowed down a little after that. Next 10k about 6:40 and last 5k in 32 min.

My fuel was 5 litres of water and 10 small bananas. Now for a 24 ounce steak!

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14th Half: Yangmingshan 21k Race – 7/15/2012 (1:40)

This was a great run up to Zhuzhi Hu (Zhuzhi Shan) in Yangmingshan National Park. I improved my time by about 5 minutes on last year and I’ll hopefully be back in 2013. My time was good enough for 41st overall and 19th in my age group – my age group had over 1000 of around 2500 runners!

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Mountain Hardware “Tough Runner” Race in Wulai – 6/17/2012 (15k in 1:08)

Another cross-country race that was all on tarmac! It was a tough, yet beautiful run though and my 28th place got of a NT3000 Columbia voucher!

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