2nd Half – Rotary International Sun Moon Lake Marathon (1:38.29)

Water break near the finish.

Water break near the finish.

This was the first time I had to travel a to another city for a race and I made a few mistakes. I stayed in a hotel in Taichung the night before. This meant that I had to take the train to Taichung on the Saturday (after coaching two soccer practices in the morning and teaching two hours in the afternoon) and a bus from Taichung to Sun Moon Lake at 3a.m. the next morning! I also didn’t pack my usual breakfast, assuming that 7-11 would have bananas … the only one I could find didn’t.

Anyway, it’s all a learning process at this stage I guess and I ran quite well in spite of my legs feeling like lead for most of the run. The course, which I knew nothing about beforehand, was exceptionally hilly. I managed the uphills better than most of the other runners and I was better on the downhills than in my first half.

The scenic aspect of the course was a bit of a downer. Sun Moon Lake is one of the most beautiful features of Taiwan, and yet we hardly glimpsed the lake during the run, just had a peek of it going round the one corner. Instead, we just wound up and down a mountain road that could have been any other in the country. I hope Taroko Gorge next month is better!



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