1st Half – Knysna Forest Marathon (1:45.32)

I ran the Knysna Forest Half Marathon on July 11, 2009. My training before the run had been patchy but I still think it went okay.

After starting out too slowly, I soon settled into a nice rhythm. There was a long downhill section which might sound easy, but I hadn’t done any hills practice and I don’t think I passed anyone going down, they all went by me!

I still felt quite fresh when I realised there were only a couple of ks left and I finished strongly. The race has motivated me to train harder than it did before and I would definitely recommend trying a couple of theseget into the sport … you’ll soon be hooked!



5 Responses to “1st Half – Knysna Forest Marathon (1:45.32)”

  1. Elyn Says:

    Hey, T.A. ,are you mad or what? So many marathons? Wow!!!

    • becomingamarathoner Says:

      Hey Elyn, I’m using this blog to keep a record of all the races I take part in. No full marathons (42.2km) yet but I’m planning on running one at the end of this year … and yes, I probably am mad! 🙂

  2. Nathan Miller Says:

    How did you do this morning?
    My Garmin time was 1hr46min16sec – however I think the official time might be around 1hr50min-51min…during the end in the tunnel I lost the Garmin satellite connection.

    Here is what my race looked like:

    Probably could have gone out a bit faster – however it was kinda tough, there were a million people out there is morning.

    I am really happy with my results today, and I am already about my next one!


    • becomingamarathoner Says:

      Hey Nathan!

      I also had a nice run this morning. I started out a little faster than I would have liked which hurt a little in the middle, but still finished quite strongly. I ended up with a 1:28, still a minute slower than my pr but fine none the less.

      You can check your official time online here:


      … and you can check out upcoming races here:


      I’m register to do my first full marathon on Jan 30 (Danshui) and then I’ll probably do the Freeway Marathon 10k (3/20), the Sanchong half (4/10) and the Fun Coast full (5/1)..

      • Nathan Says:

        Thanks for the links.
        Great time for the Fubon Marathon.

        I work in Taizhong Monday thru Thursday and I am in Danshui Thursday thru Sunday. If you have any interest in going out for a day on the bike let me know. I have two road bikes – I am 183cm – if you around around this height you would be able to ride the bike. If you can do a half-marathon in 1hr28min – you would be a great cyclist, it is a very different sport esp in the hills, however you ought to give it a try, esp in Northern Taiwan, some awesome riding. I got all the gear, you are welcome to use it. Email me.


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